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forshadowing in first Bran chapter in aGoT

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I was rereading the first chapter in aGoT and noticed how when Robb found the dead dire wolf and the pups, he said the mother had died from 


A foot of shattered antler, tines snapped off, all wet with blood

I think this symbolizes Eddard’s death, and how after Roberts death , similar to how the antler has broken off (stag), Cersei and Joffrey were free to kill Eddard. 

If anyone finds anymore foreshadowing in this chapter, which I’m sure there are more of, or  has an opinion on my perspective, tell me.

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I could symbolise an upcoming war between the north (wolf) and the iron throne (which is held Baratheon's (the stag).


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I see it not so much as Ned's death but the death of House Stark. There is also the fact that the six wolf pups would be presumed dead as well, but they survive.

You also have Gared's execution for treason by Ned, which was kind of a raw deal given what Gared experienced in the Haunted Forest. But treason is treason and Ned was simply carrying out the king's justice. This foreshadow's Ned's execution for treason, also a raw deal given the fact the Joffrey was not the rightful king, but treason is treason. And it is done with the same blade too, but not by the one who passed the sentence.

It's also interesting that only Jon hears the sixth pup's cries, even though Ghost is never known to make a sound thereafter. And Ghost also happens to be white with red eyes, just like a heart tree.


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