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Concerns over a quick Night King death to wipe out all the white walkers

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I'm late to the party having only just watched Season 7 over the Christmas. I enjoyed it immensely and loved how it set up the final season. Yes, there were some issues with the logic behind the mission North of the wall and I'm continually frustrated by the makers regular efforts to push Jon one step forwards/one step backwards. For instance in the fight against the whites he has a moment where he is doing nothing and then just when Dany is there and everyone is ready to go, he suddenly launches into an unnecessary flurry of activity - like a boxer who does nothing for 3 minutes and throws some punches in the last 10 seconds.

However, my only real concern is the whole 'kill' the thing that re-animated the dead bodies and everyone crumbles. It smacks of a possible really cheesy, up against impossible odds, thousands of zombies climbing the walls and the Night King dies and suddenly everything stops like switching off a computer. I can just see four or five important characters having swords looming over their heads and then 'snap' the bad guys are gone like an old school essay where the author gets bored and says 'I then woke up and it was all a dream'.

Now granted, killing the Night King would be a tricky task but fostering a threat for almost seven series that can be immediately nullified by cutting off the head of the leader will feel a little empty and prompt questions that if this is all it took then why not assemble a determined suicide mission to simply take out the Night King rather than consigning thousands of people to their deaths on a battlefield when all you have to do is kill the leader and we can all stop for dinner.

Now I appreciate that logic doesn't always lend itself to visual spectacle but if Jon and co can realise that killing the 'turner' destroys all those that have been turned, surely it's worth a single minded suicide mission to target the Night King with the two remaining dragons and their elite fighters.


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I could absolutely see some cheesy moment like that happening. But the Night King will probably be harder to take down then we might think. Since he has a dragon now, he might send the Others and the wights to kill everyone in the North, whilst he himself goes and starts attacking places in the South to build up an even bigger army. 

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