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Dolorous Gabe

AcroPHILIA #19: EXTREME Edition - R3

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37 minutes ago, Dolorous Gabe said:

Well it was hastily put together and it can be difficult to find interesting themes. In this round it was especially tricky. My pool of possibilities seemed small. Perhaps with more time I could have found something more interesting.

When I hosted, I never had these problems.

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45 minutes ago, Julia H. said:

Our theme suggestion seemed quite interesting.

We are not above collusion.

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On 20 February 2018 at 9:06 AM, Ser Not Appearing said:

You don't remember? It was epic.

I won, by a 1,000 points, it was a great game.

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Alright, I'm home and in great spirits

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful patience and let me extend my warmest wishes to @She Who Must Be Obeyed and hope that she makes a quick recovery. The strength you have shown during recent times is extraordinary.


Here are the answers to Round 2


1a Gentle young lady rendered dangerous maidenhead. Queen thereafter.

a Jeyne Westerling

1b Golden yarn led rounder down, mandatorily quit town.

b Janos Slynt


Answer 1 – Widow's Watch

Jeyne is widowed by the Red Wedding

Janos has been in both the City Watch and the Night's Watch


2a Eats widely. Offs hubristic popinjay unflinchingly.

a Strong Belwas

2b Generates youngsters left, right. Dalliance, milkmaid quest tune.

b Tom Of Sevenstreams


Answer 2 – Strongsong

Belwas is often called Strong Belwas

Tom O'Sevens is a singer and songwriter


3a Recreant kingpin comb-over's laughable.

a Harry Strickland

3b Escapes wagon, only hisses, pate uncovered

b Biter


Answer 3 – Golden Tooth

Harry leads the Golden Company

Biter is known for his teeth


4a Royal keenly creaks, lately

a Doran Martell

4b Estoc winged, offering high parallel unsheathed.

b Vardis Egen


Answer 4 – Grassy Vale

Doran described himself as the grass that hides the snake

Vardis is a Valeman in service to House Arryn of the Vale


5a Ever wriggly. Often hearing—popular uncle.

a Brynden Tully

5b “Error?” warrior opined, “headlights? Put out!”

b Gregor Clegane


Answer 5 – Blackmont

Brynden is known as Blackfish

Gregor is known as The Mountain That Rides (Mont Blanc, for example)


6a “Relish kills, curtail loop.”

a Ellaria Sand

6b Ruminates: “Knighthood!”, corralling lover.

b Mya Stone


Answer 6 – Sandstone



Overall theme – Westerosi places and landmarks listed north to south.


Please vote for your favourite clue ASAP and finish your new clue. I'm hoping we can start R3 on Wednesday.

Edited by Dolorous Gabe

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31 minutes ago, Jez Bell said:

Which clues are ineligible?

edit: for votes

Good point.

My clues were 3b (Biter) and 4b (Vardis)

Lady Blizzardborn's clues were 2a (Strong Belwas) and 5a (Brynden Tully)


Thanks again to the wonderful Mother of Games, Lady Blizzardborn

Edited by Dolorous Gabe

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6a “Relish kills, curtail loop.”

This clue is a character witness. Bell said it means 'Greed kills, break the cycle', and I said it must mean 'you can kill anybody, just do not get caught up in it'.


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Hey all, umm, if any of you are around please could you bump your new clues to the newest post in our PM threads as I am struggling to find them. Then I can post results and start the third round. I'll keep looking but a new message would be helpful.



Edited to add:

Okay, let's make it tomorrow. Please can you bump your clues by tomorrow 11pm UK time. And if I have suggested you should modify your clue, please do so.

Be aware I'm in danger of going into evil overlord mode. Nobody wants that.

Edited by Dolorous Gabe

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1a Jeyne Westerling – Raisin' Bran

1b Janos Slynt – shadow

2a Belwas – Lady B

2b Tom o' Sevens – Julia H.

3a Harry Strickland – SwmbO

3b Biter – DG

4a Doran Martell – Jez Bell

4b Vardis Egen – DG

5a Brynden Tully – Lady B

5b Gregor Clegane – Castellan

6a Ellaria Sand – Ser Not Appearing

6b Mya Stone – Fragile Bird



Jez Bell and a free shadow

Clues: 24

Mini-themes: 18

Overall Theme: 5

Favourite votes: 1

Total: 48 + 35 = 83


Castellan and Ser Not Appearing

Clues: 20

Mini-themes: 15

Overall Theme: 3

Favourite votes: -

Total: 38 + 34 = 72


She Who Must Be Obeyed and Fragile Bird skipped the round.

Total: 22


Julia H. and Raisin' Bran

Clues: 18

Mini-themes: 12

Overall Theme: 3

Favourite votes: 3

Total: 36 + 35 = 71


Celebrated mime act Jez Bell and a free shadow got everything right and currently have the most points after round two.

Please check my tallies.

New round is starting at some point this evening.

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Okay, I've decided not to release the clues just yet. I'm still missing one and for a number of others I have asked for modifications and met with a certain degree of stubbornness.

Therefore, I hereby suggest that I may be implementing author points in Round Three and those that have been asked to modify have till tomorrow night to do so. If all the clues are modified to acceptability then I will not implement author points. Just one rebel will cause me to bring in author points.


Edited by Dolorous Gabe

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1 hour ago, Ser Not Appearing said:

What are author points? Maybe I'll rethink my submission.

You don't remember when the system was that the author got a point for every correct guess to his/her clue?

It won't make a massive difference because you could only get up to 6 author points with four teams of two playing.

But I thought it was worth scaring some people into action, even if I am bluffing (but am I?).

I think I should have made favourite clue votes worth two points each.

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I liked author points. My natural bent is to try to communicate despite the obstacles of working with an acronym.

Probably not a good idea at this late stage though.

Edited by Castellan

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