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The Lyrics for The Children?

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I've been trying to track down the lyrics for the song The Children, which appears in season 4 of the series, but I have been unsuccessful so far. Just so someone doesn't repeat my steps this is what I've found out already:

  • Ramin Djawadi had a Q/A session on reddit and when asked the following "Hello Mr. Djawadi! Just curious here, in which language the choir sings "Mhysa" and "The Children"? Is valyrian? And where is possible to find the lyrics (and translation)?" replied They are Valyrian-influenced.
  • The following Vanity Fair article only descries them as Valyrian influenced
  • A group called Zyrah Rose have performed the song
  • Apparently Ramin gave them the lyrics
  • They released the lyrics through their website at http://wearezyrah.com/gameofthrones but the website now redirects to Facebook and the GoT page isn't archived
  • Their Facebook page doesn't contain them as far as I know but it's a pain to look through so I may have missed them
  • I've also tweeted the group and Ramin and also messaged the group on their Facebook page but as yet are waiting on a response

Does anyone have any ideas if the lyrics are available anywhere?


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