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Recruiting: Belaria Buckwell

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Belaria Buckwell is not the daughter to a house of particular wealth and station -- she is not even the daughter of a lord -- but for quite some time, she has become a lady of note by way of her father Beron's place on the Small Council as Master of Coin. In addition, her aging grandmother, Lady Taria Buckwell, once of House Piper, is an extremely shrewd and influential figure, so beautiful she was once called "the Fair Maid of Pinkmaiden" -- one can only suppose as to how much Belaria has inherited from her. 

This gives Belaria a position to be a rather interesting character with a station higher than her birth would have her -- has her father procured a great dowry so she might marry high, or is she simply spoiled off some great personal wealth? Is she excellent in stewardship, as the Master of Coin's daughter ought to be -- or does she have another skillset? And, with her father opposing some of pious King Baelor's admittedly less than sensible policies -- how long will her increased station last, and how much will she have to hold her tongue under the regime?

Belaria brings a unique power and influence to the table, but one does not have to be MU* experienced to play her. She hasn't been played before, so a prospective player would have to have just read at least one "A Song of Ice and Fire Book", OR have played a MU* before -- but both are advised (but not necessary) for going through the character generation process.

Come visit us on the webclient http://www.westeros.org/BoD/Client/index.html -- or download a MUSH client and visit us via bod.westeros.org 3000

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