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Alex Gu

louis xiv /Robert barenthon

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how different would Robert rule be if Louis xiv after he died after was inserted into Robert barenthon after the battle of the trident?

  • would he try to build a copy of Versailles?
  • how would he change court?
  • would he marry Cersei?
  • who would be on his council? 
  • how would he weaken rivals?
  • how would his relationship with his siblings be?

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He would be horrified by the Red Keep and KL, so copy of Versailles it is.

He would try to strip the great lords of their power and make them spend more time at court, where he would establish a stricter protocol. There would be more dancing.

He would rely heavily on LF (and LF would be very good at making the king think that he's the one who takes all the decisions).

He would try to make a census of the people and goods of the Seven Kingdoms (the Neck should be a bitch).

He would try to colonize Sothoryos and import foodstuff from there.

He'd love to hunt and wench.

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