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"Missed opportunity" to use the Winter / Global warming parallel for Wall coming down?

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So in the show obviously Jon Snow goes North to catch a dead man and convince one or two of the "squabbling" Westeros kingdoms of their existence - had they just happened to be at peace, or Cersei / Southerners culturally more inclined to believe in that particular lore, that wouldn't have been necessary to begin with.

Then the wight rings the alarm bell, they're surrounded and eventually have to be rescued by dragons - which the NK then uses to his advantage and gain the ability to crush the Wall.

All in all, a very lucky set of coincidences for the WWs to be able to march into the rest of the continent just when Winter finally came over the entire continent - maybe it was still fate (like Hodor), maybe he still saw it in a vision, but still a series of small, local coincidences.

And in the books, people say it's likely to be Euron blowing the horn of winter that he found on his travels; whether that really happens or what the justification for that is going to be, whether it's still gonna appear as a set of coincidences or something more purposeful, is obviously unknown.

So, after thinking for couple seconds about how the Wall could've come down in a way that felt "connected" to the whole Winter is Coming talk and seemed directed and purposeful in the context of the LN mythology - and then thought of the global warming parallel that many are seeing (although not sure about GRRM/DD themselves), I had a rather obvious idea:

The "unusually long summer", is even longer, and considered to be unprecedented - this then leads people, both the Maesters and Northen doomsayers (like the Starks, and more superstitious ones), to predict a really long Winter - not "merely" 10 years, and, most importantly, longer than any previous recorded winter.

And, unbeknownst to them, this unusually long and warm summer melts and weakens the Wall to such a degree that it becomes vulnerable to the WWs as soon as winter comes - this doesn't have to be exclusively materially either: whatever magic helps keep the Wall up and indestructible, is undone by the magic responsible for the irregular seasons etc.; hell, maybe the Dragons being born and boosting magic everywhere also contributed to this side effect, or they could only have been reborn in such fashion *due* to the Long Summer.

Both the "archetypal" thematic elements and the global warming parallels of this scenario are obvious and don't need to be further explained.

So, just wanted to throw that out there; I wonder if there's any chance something along those lines is going to appear in the books - obviously wouldn't have to be the only or even main factor in the wall being breached; just enough to cause a liability, and then the chaotic human element would do the rest.

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