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Angel Eyes

How come no one ever called Cregan Stark "the late Lord Stark"?

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Considering it took him two years to march south and the war was almost over when he arrived...

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Rowdy Roddy Dustin and his Winter Wolves primarily. I don't think anyone in the South expected Cregan to show up with his full force any sooner than he did, he would have made it in time if not for the poisoning of Aegon II. Robb Stark moved south fast because he didn't have time to draw all the potential manpower in the North. 

Plus Cregan was pretty hardcore and wouldn't stand for such a slight. After the Hour of the Wolf, I don't think anyone would want to get on his bad side. 

22 hours ago, Daemon The Black Dragon said:

Plus wasn't it winter?

Yes. The Winter Wolves were men who wanted to spare their families from feeding them during the winter. Cregan's main force was primarily the same makeup. 

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