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THE WATCH - Discworld TV series


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9 hours ago, polishgenius said:

Has anyone got any casting picks? I saw someone float the idea of Jason Isaacs as Vimes and, well, hard to argue with that really isn't it.


I misread that first time, with my idea of the perfect pick. Jeremy Irons.


I feel they'll cast significantly younger though, early 40s

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I'd like to see a good sprinkling of relative unknowns, not people from the BBC's slightly musty casting stable. Plus, Jeremy Irons isn't someone I've ever rated highly as an actor. But Jason Isaacs as Vimes is a pretty tempting prospect. 

I wouldn't want him to be cast because he's now too high profile and too old for the part, but Peter Capaldi has a lot in common with my mental impression of Vimes. 

ETA: Just thought of Riz Ahmed as a possible, though in his case he's a bit too young (late thirties) for Vimes. 

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