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Sign up.

The pairs might possibly be assigned depending on your answer to the question: what flowers would you choose to eat first? If there is anything else you want me to consider, let me know and I will not :ninja:

There will be one round or more, i do not have it yet.

The losing company will owe the winning company all their white bulls and the winning company will owe the losing company rakia.

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I would choose tulips. I have heard Audrey Hepburn's family ate a lot of tulip bulbs during the war, and it helped keep them alive. Nasturtiums would be my second choice.


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10 hours ago, Howlin' Howland said:

Sunflowers, but I'd try to limit myself to the seeds.

it is meant as a sign up for acrophilia, really, would you like to? to play in pairs

6 hours ago, Julia H. said:

EDIT: Does that count as signing up?

it counts

I think that Ser, Castellan, Bell and DG meant to sign up

Fools :ninja: 

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29 minutes ago, Howlin' Howland said:

Nevermind.  Acrophelia is too much work.

Last time, it was played in pairs (so you have another player to discuss everything with), and will this time. I think it was easier for most and also interesting! Maybe you want to? :ninja: 

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6 hours ago, a free shadow said:


@She Who Must Be Obeyed@Raisin' Bran@Fragile Bird@Lady Blizzardborn if you have a swan living in your chimney, you can send a message to me through it, but if not, then here counts :ninja: 

I did have a swan living in my chimney but it seems to have disappeared:blink:.Yes count me in please.

But what are the rules?

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