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The Game

a free shadow

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20 hours ago, redriver said:

But what are the rules?

1. Only I know the rules :ninja: 

2. Someody will owe somebody rakia :ninja: 

I forgot that I need to say things :blush: it will be acrophilia, really! everyone will get a secret character from the books, from me, to secretly create a clue for -- when all clues are made, they will be written on the thread for everybody else to see and guess the answers to the clues, and whoever guesses the most, wins. But before we begin, all players will be made into pairs, because to play in pairs can be easier and more interesting :ninja: 

I think I should make only one round, unless more than one is wanted widely

if @Raisin' Bran will not play, then we can begin soon!

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It's most definitely already done.  He's probably just waiting to have it released posthumously so that he doesn't have to deal with whinging fans, upset about the ending. 


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25 minutes ago, a free shadow said:

stop it here! unless you can get George Martin to come here and play The Game :ninja: 

or somebody else

Do we have nine players at the moment? In this case, we could take the game to the next level and play in groups of three if no other players turn up. (Or, if you prefer this,  we can have three pairs and one group of three.)

BTW, has anyone heard from @rocksniffer?

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1 minute ago, She Who Must Be Obeyed said:

I can testify that he has returned, and volunteered to come in last - any takers? :uhoh:

That would be great! Does that mean that there are now ten players?

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And then there were ten. All went mad to battle in twos and nobody came back :ninja: 

@Ser Not Appearingand @Raisin' Bran

@redriver and @Julia H.

@Fragile Bird and @She Who Must Be Obeyed

@Castellan and @Jez Bell

@Dolorous Gabe and @rocksniffer

The game begins :ninja: 

The characters will arrive soon, with a lot of bad news. Together with your clue, you must vote if you would like to have a game of one round or of two. All votes not submitted will give you flower poisoning and take two teeth :ninja: 

The deathline is Friday, one hour till midnight by the Nile :ninja: If you cannot make it, then it will be after Easter, because most everybody will again be occupied with the rising from the dead.

The acronyms are:





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