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Will Jon come back to life?


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Whether he's dead, or just fucked up from getting stabbed, I think we can all agree that he isn't going to just get removed from the story, considering he's arguably one of the two main characters, and he's yet to find out who his mother (and father) is. I honestly don't know if he is dead or not, but it's safe to assume his consciousness is chilling inside Ghost until Mel or Val can fix his body. I think once he goes back into his body he's going to be more wolf like due to spending too long in Ghost. 

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On 5/26/2018 at 2:55 PM, EloImFizzy said:

I think once he goes back into his body he's going to be more wolf like due to spending too long in Ghost

Here's my prediction.

Jon is not only not dead but not even so badly wounded to keep him out of commission for  very long, at all. We won't even know if he's lost consciousness fully until we get his next chapter. I think not.

When Ghost was wounded, we saw that Jon's presence lent him the strength to get up and keep going, after only cursory attention to Ghost's wounds. I think the same effect will be seen here, this time with the energy flowing from Ghost to Jon.

I do assume someone will have set Ghost free (just as Dany's dragons were set free by a third party). There are many candidates - Mel, Devan, Dryn, Satin, etc., etc. - and many scenarios , intentional or inadvertent, through which this could happen.

Jon has shown increasingly the tendancy to access abnormal strength and/or go into a blind fighting rage when angered. He must now be angry and I think Ghost's presence would only increase the ferocity of such a state.

I developed these opinions much more fully in this archived thread.. 


... if anyone's up for a longish read.

ETA: It might be Jon's wounds will only be tended after he has settled a few scores - not by Mel, IMO. I'd guess by Morna White Mask and Val.

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