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King's Landing Garrison

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Before the events of A Game of Thrones, the City Watch of King's Landing was supposed to be somewhere around two thousand (to my recollection).

What I don't remember is any of the figures regarding the number of men stationed at each place in the city, and how many would be walking around at any given time.

For example: At night, when the city's gates are closed, how many men would be manning each gatehouse for each of the cities seven gates? How many men would reasonably be assigned to walk the walls? What is the ratio for wall to ground presence (how many patrol the streets)?

In a city of that size, with that dense of a population, this is a serious question.

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Their numbers depend on the events that is currently happening in KL.

During the Hand's Tourney, there was shortage of men and Ned had to lend his own men to keep the peace. Ned was later present with 100 men from the City Watch in the throne room who ultimately betrayed him, the same number of men was also present during Tyrion's trial.

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