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Who do we think this charcter is (Season 5 spoilers)

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Spoilers from season 5 and upto The Winds of Winter (book)


Who do we think the guy next to Stannis who says “there’s not going to be a siege” is. I know that he isn’t intended to be anyone from the books. But I would like to theorise that he is either Richards Horpe as this guy is clearly second in command of the the march to Winterfell much like Horpe in the books. Also I find that when he sets up the troops outside Winterfell it’s very similar to Horpe ordering the troops to ice fish at the crofter’s Village.

Candidate number 2 is hand of the Queen. Axell Florent. Assuming that the majority of the men remaining at Stannis’ side are florent men the it would make sense that he was second in command. It will also explain while he looks so distraught at Shireen and Selyse deaths because he was losing his sister and his niece.

what do you think of these Ideas and who would you like that guy to be or theorise him to be.

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On 13/04/2018 at 4:03 PM, Kandrax said:

Probably amalgation of Stannis's generals.

Yeah your probably right

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