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Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

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I thought the writing in Inquisition was still solid, outside of the main storyline at least (which had a couple really good moments but was mostly short and forgettable), so I'm willing to forgive flaws in gameplay. Which wasn't really that bad, it was just serviceable.

Also, most of the endless fetch quests were completely optional and it made for a better game to just ignore them and focus on the quests that advanced character arcs or were the "main" questline for the region.

I see a world of difference between DA:I and ME:A.

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Amd FWIW, I never once got tired of the “endless dungeon slogs of Origins.”  The combat and gameplay in that game was actually involved and enjoyable and was not a glorified hack n slash with no real depth.


DA:O is a decent game but I think it has two major, overwhelming flaws:

1) The UI is inferior and massively less-customisable than Neverwinter Nights, a game that was 7 years old when DA:O came out.

2) The characters, side-quests, gameplay, story, reactivity and customisability of the game was inferior to Baldur's Gate II, a game that was 9 years old when DA:O came out.

DA:O wasn't a bad game per se, but when it was heralded as the "spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate, only, y'know, not as good," that was a big problem for the game to overcome, and it didn't even come close.

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