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ok, this is big, I found the real ancient dunyain :P I haven't found anything on google relating dunyain and epicurus.. I was reading the italian wikipedia page about a lost latin work (~100B.C.) rediscovered in the middle ages.. I just went there by pure chance (link from Poggio Bracciolini only cause some friends kept mentioning him for a gag they made on high school and I had no idea who he was), the english version doesn't use these words.. Google translated it pretty well tho.

"it is a reference to personal responsibility and an incitement to mankind to become aware of reality, in which men from birth are victims of passions that they can not understand. The main source of the Lucrezian epos, in fact, is the Περὶ φύσεως of Epicurus. The author assumes the task of providing men with the tools to eliminate fears and to attain the ataraxia, or the absence of disturbance of the wise, the only one capable of achieving a rational victory over feelings."


I know I know really little about philosophy but this sounds awfully specific!! this guy wanted to be a dunyain!!

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