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Royal Reuben

If Ned Stark attacked the reach army outside Storms end

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I was thinking the other day, what would be the outcome if Ned decided to go on full wroth Northman and attacked Mace Tyrell's army that had Storms end and Stannis under siege during the end of Roberts rebellion. After the Battle of the Trident and the sack of Kingslanding, Ned was pretty pissed at the Lannisters and Bobby B, so Bigman Robert sent him to relieve the siege of storms end, which I reckon Robert was 50-50 expecting Mace to bend the knee or keep fighting, therefore he would give his old pal Ned a strong army to deal with stubborn Reachman. To me it seems Mace Tyrell didn't bother with scouting his surroundings as he was having the time of his life outside Storms End, this means Ned could have come with whatever remnants he had from the Battle of the Trident and just taken the reach army by surprise, not even Brilliant Randyll Tarly could have saved them from a surprise attack from battle-hardened Rebels. Nowhere it says how many men Ned had under his command but I reckon he most of had around 20k men from all 4 kingdoms that fought in the rebellion (except the West)

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He got the same results through negotiation and surrender that he would have gotten through warfare, but he was able to preserve his fighting force intact while disarming the Tyrell host and sending them home so they could still bring in a good harvest, thus avoiding a humanitarian crises at the outset of the new dynasty.

It was the only sensible thing to do.

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