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Helgeland on his Successor Show

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In interview with The Indian Express, award-winning writer and director Brian Helgeland shared some thoughts on his work on one of five (or perhaps four) possible successors to Game of Thrones following its final season. This makes the second screenwriter attached to the successors to talk publicly about their work, following Jane Goldman‘s comments in an IGN interview last year.

The first take away: fan speculation that Helgeland had moved on, due to his being attached to write and direct a new film, seems to have been mistaken.

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On 5/5/2018 at 0:16 AM, The Dragon Demands said:

Not much of substance.

Agreed, its basically "well, we're thinking of something".  What I wonder is that with what, 5 projects going will each see the light of day as its own (perhaps 10 episode series, one this season and another the next?

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My personal...suspicion....is that while they technically have 5 "prequel" ideas, some of them aren't meant to go first, but setting up sequels....because each of the five will be relatively short.  We know they'll never do another 7 season show again (nor should they).

I mean, just looking at the breakdown....Martin said that "The Sons of the Dragon" would be "about 3 books of story" if ever narrativized from its current outline.  So that's, like 3 TV seasons, right?  Well, maybe the Targaryen Conquest lasts 2 or 3 seasons at most.

Thus the combined "Conquest & Rebellion" era would be 6-7 seasons, but technically two shows.  

Sort of like the British model, where a new "season" is actually a successor-show of sorts to the previous one.

***Big example would be HBO's "Rome", Seasons 1 and 2.  While characters from Season 1 do appear in Season 2, young Octavian has to be recast as now 20-something Augustus.  In many ways, it's a sequel TV show to Season 1, instead of just "Season 2".

So my suspicion is that some of these 5 shows are really sequels:  "Conquest/Sons of the Dragon" and "Dance of the Dragons/The Regency", presented as a matched set.  

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