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Looking for a bunch of small press books

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Hey guys, been a long time.

I'm trying to track down a lot of stuff. Some for me, some for friends. Hopefully the other collectors on this forum can either provide the books or some leads.

I definitely can't buy all of these things even if I find them. But I'm casting a wide net. I have tons of stuff for trade and cash offers to make.

  • Subterranean Press
    • Lettered Editions (PC lettered is just fine too)
      • Richard K. Morgan
      • Jack Vance (most things)
      • Jim Butcher
      • Erikson's Gardens of the Moon or a full set. Gardens singleton copy preferable.
      • Joe Abercrombie
      • Neal Stephenson
      • Dan Simmons
      • Peter F. Hamilton
      • Carlos Ruiz Zafon
      • Brian Lumley
      • Ray Bradbury
    • Limited Editions
      • The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox
      • The Last Unicorn


  • Centipede Press
    • Deluxe Editions
      • Rights/Preorder for Moorcock Elric
      • Shadow of the Torturer
      • Forever War
      • Chimera and Chimera II
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I've got some Sub Press Bradbury, Abercrombie, and Simmons.  Feel free to PM me.

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