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Wheel of Time Discussion (Spoilers)

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5 hours ago, Darth Richard II said:

For some reason I thought the I was silent.

I struggled with Kitiara...

In my head I had Kit-are-ee-yah.  Clearly had that second i trans located to the end of the word in my head!

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On 8/8/2018 at 2:24 AM, A True Kaniggit said:

See, in my mind Cairhien was 'Care-he-in'. To find out it's supposed to be 'Keye-ree-ehn' was weird, as with so many other names. 

For my own peace of mind, I think I'll avoid audio books from now on. 

I was calling it 'Care-hine'.  What made me look at the pronunciation guide was when citizens of Cairhien were mentioned as being Cairhienin.  In my head I was hearing 'Care-hine-in' and that just wouldn't do at all.  So I changed to Kai-ree-ehn-in' which flows much better.

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