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El trigo sarraceno

TTTNE 473: An Obsession of Joshes

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3 hours ago, El trigo sarraceno said:

A Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair.

If a Dothraki wedding has three deaths think what a Sith wedding will be like :P.

15 minutes ago, RhaenysBee said:

Awww, that’s the Best kind. Huge and princessy and dreamy...! Aww. 


I’ve always wanted a big white princessy wedding dress, it really helps that we’re both on the same page with the planning too.


Also, just over 2 weeks until my trip to New York :commie:, starting to get a bit excited now :D.

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13 hours ago, RhaenysBee said:

Nah, not incorporated. It’s a petty little hobby firm of some people who moved on to build a more financially rewarding business, so It’s basically their geeky step-child now, which is kept around because it cleans the house and polishes the sports car of its younger and way cooler brother, but otherwise there’s no love or perspective for it. Sorry for the dumb metaphor. Bottomline is, shitty pay, morally questionable practices, hypocritical values, manipulative management. 

Yeah, thanks. 



Soooooo, sister’s birthday party is done. According to the intel I have it was quite successful. But I’m sure I’ll hear her side of the story too, as soon as she scrambles out of bed. I half wish I had travelled there yesterday and attempted to crash it. I wasn’t on the list so who knows if they would have let me in to take advantage of the free bar. Free for the guests at least. According to my informant, the free bar cost close to $1000, and bear in mind that’s more than the monthly average net income of an individaul in our lovely country. Kinda as though mini sith had drank away £2000 worth of milk on her 6 months bday. Well, sister claims it was rather pricey but still worth it, as she had to make up for three years of just going to other people’s parties and not throwing her own. She is however certain that she won’t be throwing another party as she would rather just enjoy herself and not take on the responsibility of hosting. Not that she did a lot of hosting, that was mostly managed by the person running the venue. I’m both scared and excited to hear her version of the night. 

It's one thing to be evil and hypocritical , but to be evil and incompetent is something that I cannot bear .


Sounds like way too much to spend on a birthday party. if you ask me ,only "parties" you should spend well on are weddings, funerals and regency era style  balls .

10 hours ago, First of My Name said:

I dig the Mistborn trilogy too. It's been ages since I read Sanderson though, I think The Alloy of Law was the last one.

I didn't have any, god bless. Long story but I just have a final assessment two days from now, which I think should be alright.

A lot is changing, which is mildly terrifying, but I'm pretty great at the moment. The last six months have been wonderful.

Yay, exciting :) 

If you haven't already, you should definitely read the way of kings . Excellent stuff . Yep alloy of the law . It was good but I not as good as most born trilogy imo .

Good luck .


So I went on that date . It was pretty nice (no , we didn't go to Ikea ,we went to the pier) she was funny (dry humor) and held an interesting conversation . Seeing her again on Wednesday . /meaningless rant 

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