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Prince Jon Targaryen

Coats of Arms in Certain Templates

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Hello all, 

Summer is here and for me that means spending my free time editing and cleaning up the wiki. I have resurrected my old mission of blazonry and personal arms wherever applicable, particularly to monarchs, in this case Aegon II and Maekar I Targaryen. I have progressed from my simple copy and paste understanding of the issue to realize a problem with templates is likely at fault. This is because I have found it quite simple to add Personal Arms to the infobox of characters, such as Daemon or Rhaenyra. It is infinitely difficult, however, to add this to the infobox of a monarch. In the case of a monarch, I have only ever been able to add Personal Arms to their infobox under the phrase "coat-of-arms", not under the phrase, as in the case of a character, "Personal Arms". I suspect this is because Aegon II and Maker's infoboxes are "Template:Infobox monarch" and Rhaenyra and Daemon's infoboxes are "Template:Infobox character". I apologize for the repetitiveness of the post, but this has been a thorn in my side for quite some time now. I believe I have tried nearly everything to make the monarch templates and the monarch pages themselves reflect "Personal Arms" in the infobox as opposed to "coat-of-arms", but nothing has worked. I do not know what to do.

I recently scoured through the forums to find this wonderful thread on blazonry <Heraldry and correct blazons in the Wiki > whereupon Maekar's arms are mentioned, and my older post discussing this problem of mine is on page 87 of "The ASOIAF wiki thread", post no. 1721. A tip of the hat to user Rhaenys Targaryen as well, as her suggestion to fiddle with the template has led me closer to the solution although I am obviously not quite there yet. Believe me when I say I am open to all suggestions, as I am willing to devote an infinite amount of my time to get this done.

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13 hours ago, Prince Jon Targaryen said:

I think so, and I have tried to fiddle with labels and data but to no avail.  I see it works well in your personal sandbox, but I can't figure out how to do it with the actual page. 

I've changed the label to the parameter in the template.  So even though the fill-out form of the template states "coat-of-arms" as an option, the label it will be listed under on the pages will now be "Personal arms".


I hope this is what you meant! :)

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