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What will happen when the dragon horn is sound?

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I think they go on a rampage and Jorah tames Rhaegal in the chaos.

Dany had three suitors bearing gifts to her. Q brought Dorn and tried to steal her dragons. Vic has the Iron Fleet and wants to steal her dragons. Jorah has Tyrion, but is mad enough to try and ride one of her dragons.

After him getting messed up, humiliated and Dany wishing he was with her it would be so awesome if he actually did end up with one of her dragons then flew up to join her at Vaes Dothrak where they both began this story.

I don’t like the idea of Euron taking one of her dragons because he’s already OP with his 1000 ships, coven of sorcerers and having no downsides. Whereas Dany has one of the weakest armies and no mages. He’s been on a roll this whole time and looks to keep on turning in the Reach.

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