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Green Dreaming of an Underground River

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17 hours ago, Curled Finger said:

Hey @Nevets!  If I remember correctly the Milkwater does go through the Bridge of Skulls.  Grab a map and take a look at the options as I would be very interested in your musings on all 3 routes of evacuation.  

Pretty much everything north of the Wall drains into the Gorge, including the Milkwater.  The Antler River is the only thing that doesn't.  I don't see much point in the story putting them in the Antler, as that would leave them no better off than if they walked.  

It is certainly possible that it comes out south of the wall, but I can't think of a any springs, etc. that it could lead to except Winterfell, and that's way too far away.  To get that far it would have to be several hundred feet underground, at least.

My guess is it leads to the Milkwater, or the Gorge, or something similar.  They would need a boat, and a light.  I can see them doing it if they were desperate, or if Jojen has some sort of vision (or a combination of the two.)

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