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Martell Spy

U.S. Politics: Hey! Teachers! Leave Them Kids Alone

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@chiKanery et al.

First they came for the Muslims, but I stayed civil, because I'm not a Muslim.

Then they came for the refugee children, but I stayed civil, because I'm not from Central America.

Then they came for the people of color but I stayed civil, because I am white.

Then they came for me, but there was noone left to become uncivil on my behalf.


Fight, Tywin. Fight for your life.


@Everybody else: As discouraging as this is, you still have one chance at at least restricting Trump. It's the very last one: Vote in the midterms. Get your liberal friends to vote, too. Check you're actually registered to vote beforehand. Don't let the Republicans get away with this without massive losses in the house (and hopefully, Senate) at the very least.

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5 hours ago, Rippounet said:

I wouldnt be surprised if the Republicans let blue states keep abortion. Because they are hypocrites and might need it for some of their own - without having to go to Canada or Europe. Or simply because they might not want to fight very liberal states like California head-on. And they can always mumble something about "States' rights" to feel good about it.

I doubt it. The folks driving the anti-choice animus within the Republican Party only compromise tactically - they want a total abortion ban in the US, and Republicans have brought up national level abortion restrictions before. They're not going to settle permanently for "only" having abortion being legal in "blue" states, and I strongly suspect support for a national abortion ban would become mandatory for surviving a primary for any congressional Republicans aside from a handful of moderates in New England.

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