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Angel Eyes

Order of the Green Hand says Jon is Ned’s trueborn son with Ashara? I’m not sure...

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Cat thinks that she couldn't tell for certain which was older. This only means they are very very close in age. But when you think about it had Jon been older than Robb then Ned would have been single at the time and could have spared Cat the shame and anger of his supposed infidelity. He would simply have been conceived prior to their marriage. 

No Cat doesn't know he is older, and in fact this statement from her is just more evidence Ned isn't his father. Because they are so close in age he must have been conceived within those two weeks which Ned spent at Riverrun. Assuming normal 40 week gestations for both women. 

As to fAegons age, yes he may be younger or older Tyrion isn't a great judge of age and as always unreliable narrator is a factor here. fAegon is very unlikely to be Elia's son, so his being a bit older or younger is perfectly possible. I think he is Serra & Illyrio's son. And they simply saw an opportunity when Aegon was murdered and groomed the boy to believe he was a secret missing Prince.  

We do know when Aegon was born because of that quote in TWOIAF about Rhaegar setting out at the turn of the year leaving his wife and infant son on Dragonstone. He was born at the very end of 281. The war began several months into 282, Robb and Jon were born at the end of the war at some point in 283. 


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On 6/29/2018 at 8:59 AM, kissdbyfire said:

ETA: not a single crackpot insane idea theory by the OotGH makes any sense whatsoever. 


Indeed. I don’t know why anyone wastes time watching their stuff. It’s hard to watch if you want serious discussion about the books.

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