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Dc Castillo

Bran tried to stop the catspaw??

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I was going back through the chapter with Cat when she’s talking to Sir Rodrik after the Catspaw chapter.  He says something about how people didn’t know the catspaw and that he probably hid in the stables since most of the horses left with Ned.  He goes on to say something about how maybe Hodor saw something because he was acting weird recently. 


Immediately after reading that, it made me think that Bran warged into Hodor from the future and tried to prevent the catspaw assassination attempt from happening.  Maybe he even saved his own life as I don’t remember if it’s ever explained how summer gained access to the tower and was able to kill the catspaw before he could kill Bran and Cat.  Maybe Bran used Hodor to open the door for the dire wolf to run in.


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