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Angel Eyes

Why wasn't Daeron I married to Daena?

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It's usually custom for the Targaryens that the oldest son marries the oldest daughter, but Daena was married to Baelor before Daeron lost his life in 161 AC. Why was that?

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We have no idea. My personal guess is that Aegon III/Daenaera/Viserys had already brokered a marriage for young Daeron, but the war prevented it that he ever went through with it.

The idea would be that Daeron was betrothed to his cousin - either one of the six daughters of Rhaena Targaryen and Garmund Hightower - or, more likely in my opinion, to a Velaryon cousin, a daughter of Baela Targaryen and Alyn Oakenfist. Queen Daenaera was a Velaryon herself, her father being a cousin of Lord Alyn, and Baela and Alyn (at least supposedly) come from the older line of House Targaryen, being descended from Prince Aemon, Princess Rhaenys, and Laena/Laenor Velaryon. A child from this union is pretty much the only one more better suited to be Daeron's bride than Daeron's own sister.

If these two had a daughter later in life, a couple of years younger than Daeron I, then it would make sense that there was a betrothal but not yet a wedding. A 14-year-old would not marry a 10-year-old, say, especially not during a war, and later on he never got around to do it, being too occupied with his war. And a 13-year-old is also not necessarily old enough to be married and bedded. The marriage of Baelor-Daena took place at his command, but not necessarily while he was present.

But if Daeron I wasn't betrothed to anyone then it is very odd indeed that he forced his own brother to marry their sister - a sister who would preferred it to be married to Daeron - rather than claiming said sister for himself. Or at least arranging his own marriage and wedding before allowing/forcing his brother to wed.

Baelor was Daeron I's heir presumptive, but giving him a sister-wife and the chance to produce children of their own while the king himself was neither married nor with an heir of his body wasn't exactly the greatest of idea. Especially not in light of the fact that his uncle Prince Viserys had already sons and a grandson of his own. Ignoring your own bloodline and strengthening the bloodline of your relatives isn't exactly a great idea.

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