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The Future of Melisandre


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On 7/24/2018 at 4:35 PM, LordImp said:

So what to expect from Melisandre in The Winds of Winter. Will she even have a POV? 

A popular theory is that she'll sacrifice Shireen , possibly to bring Jon back. If she does , what will the consequenses be for her? 

How would Jon react when he learns that a little girl was burned alive ? If Stannis lives , how will he react to the sacrifice of his daughter ?

Will she remain on the Wall , maybe she confronts the Others? 

Personally I hope we'll learn more about her background. GRRM has said that she has her own agenda , perhaps we can find out what this agenda is.

Will she survive TWOW? 

What do you think Mel will be doing in TWOW? 

Hello guys first post but i have been reading the forum for a long time.

I have been wondering for a couple of days about the resurrection of Jon snow.

What if Melisande learns from the pink letter about stannis fate and believes it.

If i recall she tries to see him on her flames and all she can see is snow.

So she tries to resurrect him by burning Shireen but the name she speaks during the ritual is that of Azor ahai not stannis.

This will lead to the resurrection of Jon snow instead leading Melisande confused and fragile as she will understand her interpretation of her visions have been wrong from the start.

Also i believe this will lead to a a problem with the queen and her men losing faith in Melisande and her visions.

Sorry if my language is bad but English is not my first language.

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Melisandre's character main failings are her fanaticism and hubris.

She's a 400 years old shadow witch who can generate powerful illusions, survive poisoning, doesn't need to eat anymore, can summon shadow assassins and has some sort of prophetic abilities. She's ineed powerful, but she's also human. She prefers to see herself as the unfailing tool of her god but she assumes her choices to also be her god's, and is surprised when they turn out to be wrong. 

Melisandre has cryptic visions that could be helpful... potentially, yet her fanaticism and hubris lead her to the wrong interpretation so she often makes the wrong choices with dire results.

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On 9/6/2018 at 6:43 PM, btfu806 said:

Well in ASOIAF there is no Night King (at least not yet). The Others don't have a leader, that we know of. I think they will be a big deal eventually, and to me and in my opinion the point of the Others is to show there are more important threats in the world than the petty squabbles we have (or something like that).
I don't see Cersei lasting much longer in the books, maybe to the end of the 6th. I personally seeing Aegon taking the throne before Dany can get there. I think Dany is going to have to start dealing with Euron soon. I think Aegon would take the throne from cersei and kills her off. I could see Tyrion doing a type of "ultimate betrayal" to Dany and joining Aegon for ... reasons (I haven't really worked it out yet in my head). Maybe that makes him the main villain? or is the most important villain because he goes from someone we kinda root for to this despicable person, though since we see it through his POV we understand it more?

 A lot of this is me throwing out random ideas, I am sure there are holes.

Or, alternatively, Aegon turns out to be a good ruler, but Tyrion goads Daenerys into killing him before Aegon even gets a chance to talk to Daenerys.

On 11/2/2018 at 1:17 PM, Impbread said:

I do not believe that her shadow assassins could pass that ward to kill Bloodraven. I highly doubt that she would travel all that way to birth the  shadow inside of the cave. 

IIRC, the entire point of birthing shadow inside the cave was because the wards in the Storm's End - built by same people who built the Wall - would prevent shadow from entering it. And as I mentioned before, dragons cannot pass the Wall.

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Is it possible that the fate of Serala, the Lace Serpent of Duskendale foreshadows the fate of Melisandre? Melisandre is loved by only a few...


The queen's men might remain fervent followers of the Lord of Light, but the lesser folk of Dragonstone were drifting back to the gods they'd known all their lives. They said Stannis was ensorceled, that Melisandre had turned him away from the Seven to bow before some demon out of shadow, and ... worst sin of all ... that she and her god had failed him. And there were knights and lordlings who felt the same.

Davos V, Storm 54

Here's what happened to the Lace Serpent...


"In Duskendale they love Lord Denys still, despite the woe he brought them. 'Tis Lady Serala that they blame, his Myrish wife. The Lace Serpent, she is called. ... The Lace Serpent filled her husband's ear with Myrish poison, they say, until Lord Denys rose against his king and took him captive. ...

... "Once Lord Denys lost his hostage, he opened his gates and ended his defiance rather than let Lord Tywin take the town. He bent the knee and begged for mercy, but the king was not of a forgiving mind. Lord Denys lost his head, as did his brothers and his sister, uncles, cousins, all the lordly Darklyns. The Lace Serpent was burned alive, poor woman, though her tongue was torn out first, and her female parts, with which it was said that she had enslaved her lord. Half of Duskendale will still tell you that Aerys was too kind to her."

Brienne II, Feast 9

I suppose being burned alive would be a fitting end for Melisandre.


At the top of the steps Davos heard a soft jingle of bells that could only herald Patchface. The princess's fool was waiting outside the maester's door for her like a faithful hound. Dough-soft and slump-shouldered, his broad face tattooed in a motley pattern of red and green squares, Patchface wore a helm made of a rack of deer antlers strapped to a tin bucket. A dozen bells hung from the tines and rang when he moved . . . which meant constantly, since the fool seldom stood still. He jingled and jangled his way everywhere he went; small wonder that Pylos had exiled him from Shireen's lessons. "Under the sea the old fish eat the young fish," the fool muttered at Davos. He bobbed his head, and his bells clanged and chimed and sang. "I know, I know, oh oh oh."

Davos V, Storm 54

Under the sea is a metaphor for death. Melisandre is old...


... Strange voices called to her from days long past.


... Melisandre had practiced her art for years beyond count, and she had paid the price.

Melisandre, Dance 31

Shireen is young...


Her name was Shireen. She would be ten on her next name day, and she was the saddest child that Maester Cressen had ever known.

Prologue, Clash

Melisandre wants king’s blood...


Melisandre moved closer. "Save them, sire. Let me wake the stone dragons. Three is three. Give me the boy."


... He turned back to Melisandre. "You swear there is no other way? Swear it on your life, for I promise, you shall die by inches if you lie."

... Melisandre went to him, her red lips parted, her ruby throbbing. "Give me this boy," she whispered, "and I will give you your kingdom."

"He can't," said Davos. "Edric Storm is gone."

Davos VI, Storm 63

She can't have Edric, but Shireen has king’s blood, and Shireen is a dead girl...


"If Stannis wins his war, Shireen will stand as heir to the Iron Throne."

"Then I pity your Seven Kingdoms."

"The maesters say greyscale is not—"

"The maesters may believe what they wish. Ask a woods witch if you would know the truth. The grey death sleeps, only to wake again. The child is not clean! "

"She seems a sweet girl. You cannot know—"

"I can. You know nothing, Jon Snow." Val seized his arm. "I want the monster out of there. Him and his wet nurses. You cannot leave them in that same tower as the dead girl."

Melisandre is going to burn Shireen with Selyse’s blessing, since they will both be desperate having seen Jon Snow betrayed and wounded or dead, and having come to believe that Ramsay has defeated and killed Stannis.

And the old fish will eat the young fish. Poor Shireen.

Stannis is gonna be pissed. 

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