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Lady Rhodes

The Regret of Killing Characters

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Re-visiting and re-reading this thread for the last thirty minutes has me believing that it's an old person and/or person with a lot of knowledge and experience.

Aemon, Old Nan, Pycelle, Barristan, the Widow on the Waterfront, the Tattered Prince

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On 7/28/2018 at 2:55 PM, bent branch said:

I have wondered if it is Pycelle. If Aegon is fake, then there would need to be a way to prove that he is fake (it is not GRRM's style to leave such a huge question ambiguous). Although, with what we have been told, Pycelle would not have had the knowledge to know if the baby brought from Dragonstone was actually Aegon, this deficiency could be easily remedied. As it is, the only two other people who would be in a position to know (Illyrio and Varys) would have no reason to reveal that. On the other hand, there are people who could potentially reveal Aegon is genuine.

I feel like it could be this one. 

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It must be someone, who GRRM killed, because he had no further use for the plot, and GRRM thought he won't need him further.

Tywin: His death was neccesary for the plot, so we can rule this out. His death was planed years ago. 

Oberyn: see Tywin

Aemon: Besides exposition, I don't see a further usage of him. Maybe he knows about Jons true origins? 

Mance: not officially dead in any book yet, only claimed dead in the pink letter. If GRRM would need him so desparately, he would just "undo" his death in TWOW.

Benjen: see Mance

Quentin: GRRM introduced him in persona in his last installment. Before that, he had no role to play. His death is a tool to ensure that there will be no alliance between Dany and Dorne, thus leading to an aliance between Dorne and Aegon. I don't see how GRRM would need him, that couldn't be done by someone else. 

Pycelle: This one is rather tricky. He has worked for several years as a Maester in KL and was allways a member of the great council. He has a lot of informations regarding everything that happend between the reign of Aerys II and Tommen. He may be able to unmask the new "Aegon". Maybe he knows that the dead child was indeed Aegon, because he was somehow able to identify his dead boddy (a mark on his boddy or smth.). Or maybe he even knows that Jon is the son of Rhaegar and can prove it somehow. How? I have no fucking clue. And since he is dead, we will never know.

All the other deaths (Ned, Robb etc.) are crucial to the story, and planed for decades now, so it won't be them.


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