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Prince Jon Targaryen

Quartering and Heraldry in ASoIaF

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Hello all,

I was reading The Sworn Sword the other day when I realized that since Lady Rohanne Webber and Ser Eustace Osgrey are married, their houses may or may not combine. It is generally assumed that Ser Eustace is now Lord of Coldmoat (the wiki reflects this) However, this brings up a number of questions, some of which may be silly, but will be a thorn in my side till wiser minds than I answer them.

1. According to ASoIaF, what is to become of House Webber? There is still a cousin of Lady Rohanne, so presumably he caries on the family name, but does House Webber of Coaldmoat cease to exist?

2. What of House Osgrey? I assume it would now be titled House Osgrey of Coldmoat, but unless an heir is born I believe it would go extinct. Speaking of heirs....

... Now we come to matters of heraldry. Lady Webber is what is called a heraldic heiress. She is an heiress if she has no brothers, or all her brothers die without sons or daughters. Such an heiress is entitled to pass down her arms to her male descendants.

3. What would the name of the child's house be? Presuming it is a boy, what do his arms look like? If we go by classical rules, they seem to be quartered.

4. What would the arms of the new house be? There are no other cases of men marrying heraldic heiresses in ASoIaF that I can find. 

Now, it's well known that the George has broken rules of classical heraldry to suit his own needs but I was wondering all the same. Many thanks to any who can help me!

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Well normally, and subject to royal approval, House Osgrey as the lesser house would cease to exist and all of the lands would be absorbed into House Webber. What they call the new territory is up to them, but their progeny would be Webbers in this case. Ser Eustace may or may not decide to change his last name as well.

Their coat of arms would more than likely be a combination of the two, either halved or quartered on their fields, with some new elements added to reflect the union.

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Rohanne later remarries with Gerold Lannister. If she and Eustace have had a son he'd be an Osgrey, then House Webber of Coldmoat is gone. But if their marriage ended up childless, Coldmoat presumably passed to Ser Wendell, then House Webber of Coldmoat is back, under new managment.

However, between TSS and Rohanne's strange disappearence there was a time span of nearly 20 years. A lot may have changed and Coldmoat may have even passed to a completely different House.

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