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Characters we will never see again

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Whom will we see again?

Jaquen: We have not seen him in Season 7, and unless there is a real weird twist, there is no reason to bring him back. The many faced god has no political preferences in Westeros, there has been no subtle signs of a  connection with the NK, and Aryas has stopped any mass killing after leaving the Twins which means there is no need for Jaquen to interfere.


Daario: He may have joined the Golden Company for good or bad. IMO this would not even qualify as a surprise.


Robin: With Littlefinger dead there is also no plot for him.


Meera: When Jon searched for allies against the Boltons House Reed was not even mentioned when I recall correctly. I am afraid we will not see her again.


Edmure: I hope, I really hope, that Jaime stops at the Twins to rally some Lannister troops for the fight in the North. Of course Cersei’s ravens will have already told them not to, which could make an interesting subplot. By the way he can investigate the poison case and may meet Edmure. Not that I would miss him.


Kinvara, as part of the Varys and R´hollor subject: Varys will be burned by dragons. It is known. But surely for acting behind Danys back and not because of any religious trouble. Maybe we will  see Kinvara when Melisandre travels to Essos.

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