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"Everybody Welcome, Everybody Responsible." -- Parris

The above quote pretty much sums up the philosophy of the Brotherhood Without Banners. While the BwB has a general structure in place to keep things organized, it comes down to every single member of the BwB to help make things happen.

There will be an absolutely glorious party in San Jose. We need volunteers to keep it running smoothly. Have no fear, we won't make you work the entire night. But a couple of hours of service will make the party successful, and will also ease the burden on those who are the main party organizers (who will forever be grateful).

Because we're organizing from multiple platforms -- if you're on Facebook, drop me a DM and I'll let you know which private group to join -- I've made a Google Doc for signups. Descriptions of each job are in there, but if you have any questions feel free to ask!


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I don't want to commit 100% because next week term starts and thus next weekend is still an unknown void to me, but if I make it, I'll try and be there by 4 PM to help with the setup.

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