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Frey Kings

If People still hate the Freys, they need to reconsider their life priorities

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8 hours ago, Blackfish Tully said:

That 3500 army is going North so how is Lucas Blackwood getting back home ? If you were Lord Blackwood would you allow your son to be traveling around the Riverlands during wartime with less then 25 to 50 men to protect him ? 


Cat's quote is definitely open to question because we have no idea what she means by "modest retinue" 

does that mean there were 50 Riverlanders there? 100? 300? what do you think she means by "modest retinue" 

The North had 3500 men there so a 300 men Riverland group could be considered modest especially considering it was the Heir to the Riverlands being married . 

Also when Cat was referring to to Edmure's "modest retinue of friends " was she counting the Knights and men at arms that would be accompanying the Riverland Nobles ? 

Cat is the wife to the Lord of the North and the daughter of the Lord of the Riverlands so her idea of what a "modest retinue" would be is  different to what a normal person would mean. It would be comparable to a middle  class girl saying she had a modest size wedding and there were 30 people there and a rich girl saying she had a modest size wedding and there were 300 people there . 

Honestly I think 300 is probably a bit high. 200 with all the major houses there sounds right to me. The RLs clearly want to send some representation to their King's wedding, but that doesn't mean we see them or know who they are. GRRM touched on a similar topic re Robb's army: 

Well, Robin Flint is one of Catelyn's companions when she rides to Bitterbridge, though I never say which branch he's from, I don't think. No, there are still Dustins and Ryswells in the north, and maybe even in Robb's army. I mean, he had twenty thousand guys or near about when he marched south, I couldn't characterize them all. I have always figured that there are =dozens= of minor lords and =hundreds= of knights and such in all these armies. Simply because someone isn't mentioned doesn't mean they are not there.     

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On 9/4/2018 at 10:53 AM, Sea Dragon said:


Danaerys is my favorite character. She is beautiful and a Targaryen and she has dragons. But even Danaerys knows her father lost the throne which is why she is going to reconquer like her ancestor Aegon did and make everyone submit to her family again as the rulers. 


She's being practical.  Do the Starks accept that they lost Winterfell and are they all willing to suck it up?  I think not.  Do they expect the Baratheons and the Boltons to quietly give up their gains?  I think not.  It's more practical to prepare for a confrontation and take it by force, because it was taken away by force.  Asking won't get you anything.  Begging will get you even less.  

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