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Blaer Dayle

Crackpot Theory Dragons and Azor Ahai

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I'll start by saying I'm typing this on mobile, so apologies for any typos.

I was recently thinking about the Azor Ahai story, and the three swords he forged, along with the death of Viseryon in the show, and Linda's musings on how that might tie in to Euron in the books, when I saw a YouTube video (can't remember the title unfortunately) that made it all click. It's a little off the wall, and might amount to nothing, but I'll present it anyway, for discussion.

We know Azor Ahai made 3 swords, one he quenched in water, another he tempered longer, and quenched in the heart of a lion, a third, in the heart of Nyssa Nyssa. The last of which was of course Lightbringer that brought the dawn. What if, this story is in fact a prophecy about the dragons?

The first was tempered for a short time, and quenched in water. Much like Viseryon's death in the lake. The plan to get the wight was a poorly forged one, like the sword. Furthermore, Linda mused on her YouTube channel, that she believes Euron may take Viseryon with the dragon binder. This would still be a loss of a dragon to water, due to poor planning/foresight.

The second sword was lost, in the heart of the lion. With the end of season 7, we see that Cersei intends to betray the alliance, an alliance that was carefully orchestrated, or forged, but not without fault, mind you. Perhaps this means Rhaegal will die, either in the battle up north, due to the actions of the lion (Cersei not having their backs), or in a battle at King's Landing, in revenge for the betrayal, thus killed, while being plunged into the heart of the lion.

The final sword was Lightbringer, that brought the dawn, at the cost of the true love of Azor Ahai, Nyssa Nyssa. Perhaps Dany, and Drogon will sacrifice themselves to destroy the White Walkers, thus fulfilling the final part of the prophecy. A weapon that would bring the dawn, after careful forging of a plan, at the cost of Dany's life.

This could also tie into the final betrayal of Dany, as Jon loves her, but she betrays that love to save the world. This would also go in line with George mentioning the bittersweet ending. The future is saved, and Jon lives on as king, without the one he came to love. Thus becoming the prince who was promised, and finishing the Song of Ice and Fire.

It's a theory that is both crackpot, and yet the more I think about it, the more I think it's the way things will end up playing out. But I'd love to hear some outside thoughts on the whole thing. What do you think, plausible? Absolutely certain? Completely insane? What do you think about my theory, leave your feedback, and feel free to expand on it, or shoot it down if you don't think it's likely

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Interesting hypothesis and not at all absurd or insane, albeit a very figurative and creative interpretation of "forging", "swords" and "dragons".  However, it makes some sort of sense, the water, the lion, the sacrifice of Daenerys. Devising plans as analogon to forging swords, not impossible.

I agree that I expect Daenerys to die, either as mad queen or as sacrifice by herself or by Jon. 

I further agree that I expect the dragons all to die. It is unlikely that the future of Westeros will feature a live dragon.

The betrayal issue with Daenerys is unclear anyway. Will she betray or be betrayed? Both seems possible, so both Daenerys sacrificing herself as well as being sacrificed for the greater good.


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