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honeyed chicken

Spammers in Multi-Player Online Games Like Slither.io

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If you play slither, there's a chance you've seen me. I often play as fb:SlitherPlyrsGroup. I used to play as Hodor, but wanted to talk to other people who play - hence the name and the group (Slither Players Group being the full name). If you do play slither and want to join the group on facebook to post screen grabs talk smack and find out who are behind the various snake names, you'd be most welcome!

I am starting this thread in hopes of finding other Westerosi who play slither. I see ASOIAF related names on the leader board from time to time. if I see any good ones, I'll share them here. Among the ones I've used - in addition to Hodor - the north dismembers, UknowNothingJonSnake, Dolorous Ed, and Barristan Selmy.

I'm open to being talked into other online multiĀ  player games if anyone has another good one that's free like slither.

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