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Littlefinger's crewman

What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

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On ‎8‎/‎31‎/‎2018 at 11:58 AM, King Aegon I Targaryen said:

I might just be completely making this up, but I'm sure at some point I saw GRRM make a comment that Daenerys and Tyrion are going to be the biggest characters in TWoW. I don't know if he meant they will have the most chapters, or that their storylines will have the biggest role in the book. 

Interesting.  I know I heard that they will be apart most of the book (I think Tyrion is going to help rule Meereen while Dany is off with the Dothraki) and when she returns they will meet.

I think Dany and Dorne are going to be the largest parts.  Dany, Tyrion, Barristan, Arianne, Jon Con...that whole gang.

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On 8/30/2018 at 11:17 PM, Littlefinger's crewman said:

In TwOW there are going to be several plot and POVs, but is there going to be one that will get more place in the book or the plots are going to be all important in the same manner as in AFFC?

Yes. The descriptions of food in winter. GRRM has only described Westerosi cuisine  in eye-watering details during the temperate seasons. 

I anticipate he will shed light on the more austere dining habits of Wintertime this time round. 


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Between Ser Davos finding Rickon, Stannis' war with the Boltons, the possibility of the Vale attacking Winterfell, the Bloodraven plot, the treason at the wall, the Theon and Asha POVs, and the others, I imagine that it will primarily take place in the North. At least for the first act, after which it's hard to tell.

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I think the north and the storyline about the others invading and how to defeat them is so behind that it isn t even a contest. 

The other storylines just feel ready for the final arc (danny returning to meereen and invading westeros, faegon trying to win the IT, cersei's final days of rulling…)

And then we look north and they are disorganised and divided, stannis is still around whinning about being the king, the starks are still scatered, jon is still in the NW and hasn t delved into his warging abilities, we know nearly nothing about the others, AA or where to get weapons to defeat them...

In order to finish the series in 2 books by the end of the next book the north must be organised, know about the others, the remaining wildlings must cross the Wall and there must be a plan to get weapons capable of killing the others... 

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In the books, Dany won't return to Meereen.

Here's a quote from GRRM's  June 26, 2014 interview with EW's James Hibbard.


I also asked Martin about one extremely eagerly anticipated character pairing: Tyrion and Daenerys. What will their interaction be like?

“Well, Tyrion and Dany will intersect, in a way, but for much of the book they’re still apart,” he says.

The obvious implication is that they will communicate via glass candle, courtesy of Quaithe and Marwyn.

Dany had to go back to Meereen in the show because Dan and Dave made the same decision with her as they did with Bran - Bran would be the only Stark warg, Dany would be the only dragonrider. In the books, there will be other dragonriders, and one of them will take care of Meereen. Dany will meet the Dosh Khaleen, somehow take over, and head west overland, picking up khalasars as she goes. (The idea of transporting even a small khalasar for a long distance by sea is a joke to start with. Dothraki herd horses for a living, surviving off meat and milk. Each warrior owns many horses. Even a small khalasar of 10,000 would have 100,000+ horses. The shipping of the time can't handle that for a long voyage.)

Tyrion, Barristan, and company will capture ships and pull out of Meereen immediately after the Battle of Fire, leaving Dany's children behind with the message of "Time to Grow Up.." They will meet Dany in Pentos. (That's the reason for the Pentos subplot.) Expect them to land on Dragonstone at the end of Winds, thus setting up the Wrong Way Dany story.

To answer the OP - Winds will give us lots of angsty Jon/Ghost, lots of fast talking Tyrion, and lots of idiots in King's Landing. (Cersei, Mace, Arianne.) But in the end, ASoIaF so far has been about rulers who gain power, then fail. Game = Eddard. Clash = Tyrion. Storm = Robb and Tywin. FeastDance = Cersei, Jon, and Dany. Winds will mark the final fatal failures of Stannis and Doran.

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