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Raymond E. Feist’s The Riftwar Saga

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Just to close the loop, this afternoon I finished Jimmy the Hand, read by Peter Joyce.  Of the three in this collection, this one seemed to be the weakest, although it wasn't a bad experience.

I don't remember Jimmy the Hand's appearances in the original trilogy, so I can't comment on an continuity issues.  The storylines overall were fine, and the writing was competent throughout.  The aspect that detracted from my enjoyment the most was the uneven tone of the book, or perhaps the ragged transitions from the tragedy of the love triangle to the humorous parts to the adventure storyline.  The experience was a little bit of a whipsaw from scene to scene.  Also, the tone moved in and out of focus between realism and fantasy.  In a realistic tone, one of the narrators was unreliable but strongly based in real-world emotions and concerns.  On the other hand, in a fantasy tone, young kids could accomplish the objectives they wanted to in spite of common sense telling me there was no way.

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There’s a publisher called Grim Oak Press which is doing limited editions of the Riftwar Saga and the Empire Trilogy, FYI.

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