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Video Games: Shadow of the Rise of the Live Madden War III- HD Remaster


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10 hours ago, Slurktan said:

To be fair naval battles weren't really critical in the Three Kingdoms period.  Having what we might call marines for amphibious assaults?  Absolutely.  The lack thereof from Wei/Jin is why Wu lasted until 280. The only naval battle of Note was Chibi and that wasn't so much of a battle as it was Cao Cao clumping his ships together for Zhou Yu to ram with boats lit on fire.  Even that battle was mostly fought on land.

Still, you'd want that option. The Yangtze and Huang He rivers are huge, I would hate to have the game simply let you pass over them with minor movement penalties or loss of turns.

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1 hour ago, Fez said:

 I'm far more excited for Paradox's next offering, Imperator: Rome. Granted, like most Paradox games it'll probably be worth holding off until there's a bundle that includes some of the eventual DLC, but what they're doing looks really interesting. Most Paradox games eventually turn into a map painting simulator to varying degrees, unless you create self-imposed challenges. But with Imperator, it looks like managing the internal politics of Rome will always be a challenge, no matter how strong you become. That's my hope anyway.

You don't build me a Circus Maximus, I will lead a Plebeian riot.

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@Fez: That's one hell of a list for the holidays! Then again, I wasn't that much better either... At least I can say I agree with the hype for Imperator: Rome. Really looking forward to that one. When it was announced, I actually got myself a copy of Europa Universalis: Rome to look what kind of game I might be able to expect. Still haven't played it though... too little time...

What did I do these days? Warhammer and Madoka Magica. What a combination.

I finished the Battlefleet Gothic Armada campaign yesterday. Hell of a game. The individual battles are so short that you can easily squeeze one into a late evening before going to bed, but it was so damn hard until I got the hang of it. Only for the last mission to be a major let-down. Lord Admiral Ravensburg and Eldrethain were able to draw the attention of the entire chaos fleet away from the Planet Killer, allowing me to easily box in Failbaddon the Armless with four battlecruisers and blow him to dust. The entire final mission ended the moment I reached him. I then dabbled a bit with playing Chaos in the skirmish mode, but grew tired when it took me forever to defeat an Ork fleet and later was swiped effortlessly again by the horrifically overpowered Tau.

This afternoon after finishing more of my stuff I started Dawn of War II Chaos Rising and am now three missions into the campaign. I skipped it back in the day and went straight to Retribution, leaving me a bit confused since DoWII actually tells a connected story across its Addons. Where the hell came Diomedes from? Anyway, so far it's a fine game, even if noticeably harder than the main game. Admittedly, while Force Commander Hair Gel's little company used to be one of the more humanized Space Marine units in the videogames, they now feel a bit grating with their cynicism after playing Space Marine and having such hugely charismatic ideal hero types like Captain Titus and Lieutenant Mira for main characters. This world is already bleak enough, Space Marine shows that if you portray genuinely good people in front of this terrifying backdrop, you can get something really great in return. Too bad that DoW keeps shitting on Thaddeus for being an optimist (read: naive fool) instead.

I continued to play Magia Record, the Madoka Magica mobile game. Still have to catch up on the Christmas event until it ends. Still not entirely sure what to expect from the announced Anime adaptation. The game's story, while being a very cool addition to the franchise with lots of well written characters (and some that are noticeably not), it is so goddamn slow... 9 chapters and hours of cutscenes in and Iroha still hasn't made any progress on her quest for her missing sister, while Walpurgisnacht is already approaching the goddamn city. Then again, they have left themselves a backdoor open by placing the story after the end of the series (I knew it!), so even a total party kill might be somewhat reversible.

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