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NFL 2018 III - Gronk is Better at Life Than You

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After that close loss today Green Bay has to go to New England next week.  That's rough.  

Then here's their remaining schedule:


at Seattle (also rough)

at Minnesota (jeebus, this is brutal scheduling)



at Chicago

at NYJ



I like their chances in all of those home games, but those are some really challenging road games with Chicago improved and the Jets not a bottom-dweller anymore.  And they're really going to need a strong second half.  It seems far from certain that they're a playoff team if they lose at New England next week like they lost today, however close they make it.  

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41 minutes ago, SpaceForce Tywin et al. said:

It’s been 1,114 days since the Browns won a road game.

Bengals defense is coming up.

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I think that the Raiders fans should be doing cartwheels about that Cooper trade.  Cooper was a good player, but looking at his whole resume, he isn't an elite reciever, and he was probably going to demand to be paid like one.  He looks like a guy who has all the physical tools, but just can't quite put them together to dominate.  Which means he is incredibly inconsistent, going from great to terrible from game to game.  He sort of reminds me of Michael Crabtree in that he was a high 1st round pick, tons of physical tools, but despite dominating in college never seemed able to do the same in the NFL.  I think his career path, if he doesn't just fade into irrelevance, is something similar to Crabtree, a guy capable of being a poor WR1 or a strong WR2.  That's a useful player to have, but you don't pay him big money, and you CERTAINLY don't trade a likely top 15 pick for him.
On 10/24/2018 at 1:45 PM, Iskaral Pust said:

A first round pick for Amari Cooper seems like they overpaid but from the Cowboys POV, it’s not about a last ditch attempt to make the play-offs, it’s to decide if Dak is worth a big contract next year.  He has declined badly since his rookie season but arguably has poor targets this year.  So was last year just a blip for him?  They need a good enough WR option this season to make a good judgment before giving him $25m+ for several years.  Raiders knew the Cowboys had a need. 

OTOH, if Dak is poor again then they don’t have a first round pick next year to replace him or Cooper.  But Dallas have plenty of cap space to try other things if they avoid over-paying a poor QB. 

I'm sorry, but I can't buy this.  If the Cowboys are desperate to upgrade at WR to evaluate Prescott, there are plenty of receivers that are available for far, far less than a 1st rounder.  I mean, Tampa would part with DJax for a 3rd rounder (maybe a 4th?)  Or Atlanta with Sanu (who is currently the WR3 and still better than anyone in Dallas).  Or Indy for TY Hilton.  Or Arizona for Fitzgerald (who at 35 is still possibly a better WR than Cooper). 
There are plenty of receivers available, but for whatever reason, Dallas was willing to pony up a 1st rounder for a guy who is about to require a top dollar salary to keep, in spite of not being a top receiver. 

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