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A wilding

"Here" by Richard McGuire

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I have been doing some sorting out and came across a copy of a comic book called Here that someone gave me as a present some years ago.

At the time, I remember, I was somewhat annoyed at feeling that my relative had been conned into buying this sight unseen by succession of reviews such as this one, all proclaiming it as a work of genius.

Looking at it again, I still don't get it, and doubt that there is much to get, despite a fair amount of positive comment online. It takes what I consider a trite and unoriginal idea - how would the view from a fixed point change over time - and expands it to a several hundred page comic book. There is no overall story, just some vignettes and lot of jumping around in time. (Okay, in some cases the characters in one scene might be older or younger versions of the ones in a scene 50 pages earlier if you can be bothered to check, which I couldn't be.) There is no theme or point that I can see, the ones in reviews - "moral purpose", "human insignificance" - feel to have been brought by the reviewer.

Has anyone read this? Did they like it? Have I missed something?


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