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Tolkien 3.0

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1 hour ago, Ser Scot A Ellison said:

At least with stories that are clearly not written with “unreliable narrators”.  Where questioning the narrator is built into the story... go for it.  That’s not Tolkien’s work.

It is... sort of.


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4 hours ago, One-Winged Balrog said:

Am I the only one who loathes meta-fictional interpretations like this? I mean, what's the point? Sure, you can twist the world beyond recognition by imagining the entire story written by an unreliable narrator, but then why even bother? You are by that point on the border between a fanfic and just an new story somewhat inspired by the original. So just write the new story...

Milton's Satan and Neil Gaiman's Beowulf disagree with you. As to why do it: well, it's a homage to the power and glory of the old, just as Banewreaker and the First Law series are (in different ways).

But I think the point I was making was ambiguous. I don't think you have to the fully embrace the Carey "evil be thou my good" in order to question the choices of the Valar in the story.  It isn't just a matter of perspective (or imagined perspective). You can focus on Tolkein-given facts.  It's fair to take as a given that the Valar didn't understand Melkor's nature.  But some Valar like Ulmo tried to help the Noldor and men, but were only partly successful.  It's fair to ask why the Valar as a group didn't intervene before, if only to protect men who had not committed any transgressions. 

And if you really want a metafictional interpretation I think it's because Tolkein's vision is essentially tragic, and one of the most important subtexts of the Silmarillion is parental hostility and abandonment. 

14 hours ago, The Grey Wolf said:

The one by Jacqueline Carey? If so I have. It wrecked my heart.

Me too.  I picked it up because Martin recommended it on his Not-a-Blog.  It's brilliant, and moving.  Now I can't distinguish between Manwe and /Haomane or Orome/Oronin in my head. 


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