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If Jaime stayed in Kings Landing

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If Jaime wasn't captured by Robb and remained in Kings Landing in the Kingsguard, do you think this would've affected Sansa in any way?

We see other people help make her stay slightly less horrible, like Tyrion and the Hound, would Jaime have hit Sansa on Joffrey's orders like other Kingsguard did? 

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I think Jaime would have seen the folly of abusing Sansa just for fun and would either have stopped it himself or gone right to Cersei.

But when it was a matter of using her to "answer for your brother's crimes", that's a different matter. The point of that was to show Robb, and any nobles who might think of joining him, that the crown is so confident of eventual victory that it can harm Sansa with impunity. With Jaime safe in KL, they would be able to get away with this with no fear of repercussions.

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