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Brad Stark

Timeline apparent discrepency

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From the wiki

It is unknown when the Andals sailed west across the narrow sea from Andalos to Westeros, with some sources dating the Andal invasion to six thousand years ago.[8]

According to the True History, it occurred four thousand years ago, and some maesters claim it was only two thousand years ago.[9]

Maesters generally believe the Andals fled because of the expanding Valyrian Freehold.[5]

5: World of Ice and Fire

8: Game of thrones RPG

9: A dance with dragons.


I can't find this timeline on HBO's site, but it claims it came from there:



This is interesting as Valyrians discover dragons in a volcano 1000 years after the Andals are already in Westeros.  Now it is hard to put dates on anything before written history in any world, real or fantasy, but that completely goes against the idea the Andals arrived fleeing the Valaryian empire.

Lots of talk on the book forums about the timelines being wrong or off, but I can't post show content there.   Book content seems welcome on this forum though.  

Does anyone else think this could be significant, or did HBO just pay less attention to this slide than I did?


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