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Ready to Give Up on Series

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I am halfway through Dance With Dragons, and two episodes into Season 4. I focused on trying to get my own novel finished before Semester started (never happened, but close) and therefore shelved off some time from the GOT storyline. Through a bizarre chance, I recently decided to make GOT my first tarot deck and reading the Guidebook gave me what I believe to be every single major spoiler for the series to be seen by me. Quite discouraged, but having felt the need to progress through the entire guidebook for the sake of my deck, I am thinking there is nothing left for me in the series and that I should abandon it altogether. Anyone familiar with the Tarot who can tell me if I'm right? Or just anyone based on what all I can remember? The spoilers are listed below. (Best to memory...)


The spoilers are Sansa and Jon reuniting, Jon being killed by the Watch, Jon taking Winterfell as King of the North, Bran's vision of Jon's Lineage (without being specific, but I had actually requested THAT spoiler from someone else in a discussion), Brienne killing Stannis, Sansa having been Jeyned with Ramsy (that's not major, as I knew about Jeyne already), Theon rescuing Sansa (Jeyne) which I already saw happening...trying to think if there were any others... Oh yeah--Jamie saving Margary...What else?



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