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What if Tywin joined Robert's Rebellion (properly)

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On 11/13/2018 at 3:53 PM, Stormking902 said:

If Tywin decided to join early he would NEED exactly what he got by not joining until the last minute and thats Cersie to marry who ever sits the Iron throne in the end whether its Rhegar or Robert or Viserys it doesnt matter as long as every lord present agrees the Queen is Cersie. 


To bind house Lannister to the rebels cause a wedding between Lancel and lady Lysa Tully would suffice as long as Lancel is raised to a lord of a decent status and a castle which im sure wouldnt be hard, hell Tywin has enough money he could build a new castle if he dahm well wanted to. If I was Jon Arryn id ask for a few Lannister wards(hostages) to further deter betrayal maybe Devann Lannister and a few BIG Lannisters bannermans sons marry Riverlanders and Northerners.


Jamie is tortured to death of course but oh well its not like Jamie is his only heir LOL...... 



Lance wasn’t even alive during RR, so that would be difficult. If he were, then you’d have the same kind of circumstance as Marg/Tommen or Tyrek/Emesande. 


Thats ignoring that Hoster didn’t join the rebellion without Lysa being married to Jon. Does he join if he can only get one marriage to an LP?

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I think Tywin would probably have demanded Stannis for Cersei (assuming Robert refused to give up Lyanna). The younger brother of the king is still a prize (either Cersei or Jaime, can't remember, thinks Tywin possibly wanted Cersei to marry Viserys after being denied Rhaegar).

I certainly think it changes how the royalists handle the war. Per Rhaegar, King Aerys seems to have been more concerned about what Tywin might have been doing rather than what Robert was actually doing. So he might have taken the rebellion more seriously a lot sooner if Tywin had joined early on.

I think Rhaegar probably would have taken command a lot earlier, too. He may have been able to manage the royalist forces better; they seemed to have lacked a firm leader. The power of the Tyrells is HUGELY underused by the Targaryens in this war. They can field 80,000+ men and all they do is besiege a teenage Stannis in Storm's End? Maybe Rhaegar would have demanded more from Highgarden, in exchange for a royal marriage. 

I think the Greyjoys still raid the Mander. 

Whether or not Jaime ends up dying depends on how much / if Rhaegar really takes control. I don't think he would let Jaime be killed just out of hand, but would probably hold him hostage. 

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