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[SPOILERS] The Regency of Aegon III

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10 hours ago, The Grey Wolf said:

Can we actually be sure Aemond's son really is Aemond's? Considering all of Alys's previous children were stillborn and there is no mention of the boy having the Targaryen look I wouldn't be surprised if GRRM underwhelmed us by making Alys Rivers into another version of Essie.

We have pretty much as much reason to buy the story of Alys' son as we have to believe the story of Jon Snow. But Gyldayn does not only seem to believe the story is genuine, he also seems to buy Alys' claim that she and Aemond were married - after all, Alys Rivers' early exploits at Harrenhal are discussed when Gyldayn turns to the widows who came to the fore after the Dance. If there was no consensus among historians that Alys Rivers was indeed the widow of Prince Aemond she would not have been discussed in that context - or rather: it would have mentioned that she was merely claiming to be his widow.

It is also very much implied that all those women who took power after the Dance kept it for considerable time. After all, many of the children in whose name they ruled were still very young. 

10 hours ago, The Grey Wolf said:

Also, considering how many child/baby lords with female regents (Elenda Caron, Johanna Westerling, Sharis Footly, Sabitha Frey, Lady Tyrell) come out of the Dance I'm surprised Daeron I's conquest didn't get more pushback initially.

Aegon III dies 26 years after the Dance. Many of those women may be dead by then - even if not, Elenda Caron, Lady Tyrell, and Lady Sam may actually have reason to attack Dorne then. Elenda at least lost her Connington husband to Dornish raiders, so she was likely not exactly positively inclined to them later in life.

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