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[SPOILERS] How gay were the Beast with Four Backs?

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This is a non-issue. We have the anecdote of Rhaena marrying Androw for being kind to him. That's enough to establish that she did not dislike the guy. Especially since he also looked very much like Elissa.

We also have evidence hinting at that Rhaena may very well have asked Androw to join them on Dreamfyre and him just not being courageous enough to do that - which fits perfectly well with his character as described.

The man finally tried to be some sort of husband to her, giving her support, help, children, protection. He was not qualified to give her much of that, but their relationship may not have ended the way it did if they had tried to find a new understanding/basis after Elissa left. Rhaenyra and Laenor's marriage also worked perfectly fine the way it was - and the idea that Androw did not understand that his wife didn't exactly romantically/sexually desire him and that she was actually in love with his sister doesn't really make much sense. If the marriage was indeed not consummated then he should have known/learned that rather early. The man was stupid but not that stupid. He even figured out how to acquire and use the Tears of Lys.

While there is a chance that Lord Rogar may have intended to force Rhaena into another marriage it is quite clear that Rhaena Targaryen would not have been forced into another unwanted marriage. She was a grown woman, twice-widowed, a dowager queen, and a dragonrider. Her mother and stepfather may have asked her to take another husband, but they would not have been able to force her. Nothing makes that more evident than Rhaena ruling on Rogar the Windbag's future non-marriage...

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