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On 12/14/2018 at 3:35 PM, Nightranger58 said:


there is also the incident of when Mance, disguised as rattleshirt, sparred with Jon Snow at castle black.  Jon Snow is an accomplished swordsman. He trains against 3 people at once.  An impressive feat and is something that we see other great swordsman do (I can only think of Garland Tyrell at the moment but i'm sure it happens more).  So, Jon Snow knows how to fight with a sword but when he goes up against Mance he gets absolutely destroyed. Jon can't believe how outmatched he is.  Mance even says something about (i can't remember the direct quote and I'm at work right now so i can't look it up) how he misses the feel of a great sword.  I realize that this isn't rock solid evidence but it does lend some support to the idea. 

This is one of my biggest problems with this theory, one because it's an outrageous leap in logic, and 2, because Jon being a great swordsman is not supported and in some cases flat out contradicted by the text.(think Donal Noye speaking with Jon in book one)Jon might train against 3 people but 90 of those he spars with are untrained teenagers who do not even know how to grip swords properly. Jon is not a prodigy, the rest of his brothers are inept.

Also don't want to turn this into a jon bashing thread, Lord Snow has many positive points as well but great swordsman ain't one of them, so losing a sparing match is not only meaningless, but unsurprising.

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