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Jova Snow

Lion & Maiden pt. 2 - Wolf & Sun Goddess

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This thread is a part 2 for Lion & Maiden - Gemstones where I wrote about my ideas for Gemstone Emperors, God on Earth and his parents, along with Colored Emperors as much as I can to find to out who they may be connected to. This thread is about some new information I have about the mythological figures I mentioned because I edited first thread too much due to grammar mistakes I decided to open a new thread for additional information - I will quote from the main thread to keep you informed if you didn't read my first post. 

We will talk about Ancient Egypt, Turkic Mythology and Rowan Gold Tree along with a new look to Amethyst and Bloodstone and Twin Suns etc. I may also talk about the Rhoynar here because of the turtles. 

Please know this thread also involves speculations and opinions are welcomed. We may try to find out where Florys the Fox fit in this mess :/ 

In the first thread I first talked about Lion of Night and Maiden Maid of Light now we will do the opposite and begin our discussion with Amethyst Empress and Bloodstone 

In the first thread I speculated of Amethyst and Bloodstone represents House Dayne of Starfall and House Dayne of High Hermitage. 


"I believe House Dayne represents both the Amethyst Empress that was cast down and Bloodstone that followed her trail to steal her hearth for himself to forge Dawn" pt. 1  

You will think I am observant enough to notice the similarity of Amethyst/Bloodstone theme of Gerold/Myrcella but no I didn't at first. 

We know Gerold attacked Myrcella and cut her ear when Arianne's group was busted by Areo Hotah - it was Onyx Emperor that gave the order to the Bear that cost an ear the the Maiden Fair. But really do we really know if it was really Gerold who attacked Myrcella? Because no one sees anything but Doran - the Onyx figure - claims Gerold is the culprit. We are also misled by an image of Gerold/Bloodstone who is also poisonous like heliotrope putting his foot on Maiden's head sharpening his sword and he is of the night, cherry on top here. But Bloodstone has no problems with Maiden of our story, he actually tells Arianne you can't start a war by crowning Myrcella because Lioness will still will choose the cub close to her thus the best way to start war is killing Tommen. And we are told Myrcella is better and brighter than Tommen who is seen as someone that doesn't deserve the throne. This will support my idea that we are reading the myth wrong in the first place. 


"maybe we are reading their stories to wrong way?" pt. 1 

Now let's talk about Rowan and Gold Tree 


According to legend, she was so bereft when her lover left her for a rich rival that she wrapped an apple in her golden hair and planted it upon a hill. From the apple grew a tree whose bark, leaves and fruit were yellow gold.

The mythologic equation will be Golden Bough related to Aeneas son of Venus, a sacred branch of gold protected by an Oak that allows a safe passage to the Underworld, Golden Bough is also related to Diana, a Virgin Moon Goddess who is also tied to deers. 

I also think there is a connection to Hesperides and Golden Trees but we are never told Gold Tree is an apple tree but Hesperides also includes a dragon, Atlas who founded Atlantis (search for Mauritania and their mysterious Eye) was son Poseidon the Sea God whose name meant Husband. Atlas itself may mean Mountain due to Arabic word for mountain being similar to Atlas, he also had a twin. 

Did you know Eucalyptus trees contains gold in their leaves? Hmm... what about Symeon and his weapon of choice? 


He fought with a long staff with blades at both ends and would spin it in his hands to chop down two men at once.

Makes you think about Dalla's words about prophecy right? No safe way to grasp it if there are blades at both sides. 

Let's continue with his parents - Maiden Maid of Light and Lion of Night and how I think there is a twist here too. 

I talked about LoN being related to various mythological figures 


Lions in mythology also has ties to Chimera, Manticores, Sphinx, Pard, Griffin and Dragon - Leo + Pard» Snow Leopard» Shadowcat? 

I also talk about some mythological figures related to MMoL 


• MMoL seem to be related to Electroyne - Goddess of Morning from Greek mythology, daughter of Helios Titan Lord of Sun and Patron of Rhodes and a Nymph from the same Island. Rhodes is famous for Colossal of Rhodes and it is a Nod to Braavos and House of B&W where we met Lion of Night and other deities through Arya - I will talk about a lot about her aunt here. Electroyne is connected to Amber gemstone btw! 

• Is there a statue for MMoL? 

• MMoL also reminds me Turkic Goddess Akana, White Mother, who had a body light and antlers and when she emerges from the waters she inspires God Emperor to create Earth and mankind. 

Now we must pay attention to Spinx if we are talking about the Spinx we should talk about Onyx and their relations to Spear (male) piercing the Sun (female)

Well it doesn't make much sense right? Because according to Western mythology and Asoiaf our Goddess is a Moon figure, we have two moons, etc. But what about I tell in you in Turkic mythology it is the Sun Goddess (Kun Ana) and Moon God (Ay Dede), opposites everywhere! There is also a Sun God represented the rays of sunlight but he is a minor deity compared to Kun Ana who is seen as the first mother with Ay Dede as first father. And let's connect this to ancient Egypt, Eye of Horus that represents Ra with Teardrop, Aten the Sun Disk, Eye of the Lord and it's Light that made Akhenaten a monotheistic? figure. And remember NK and his Queen. Her eyes like stars, Titan of Braavos with eyes like stars, sigil of House Flint with eyes and sea imagery related to Elenei? But our sun is a star too thus it is safe to say she had eyes like Suns. But there is only one sun and in theory one moon. But looooong time ago our sun had a twin because stars systems are initially binary ones where one twin shrinking with time so even though not identical our sun had a twin as well so it is possible there was two suns in Asoiaf? 

With Moon Goddess being a Sun Goddess we are ready to make Sphinx into a canine. Yes, I am talking about the fact the Sphinx has a freaking small head compared to it's body and the fact it is supposed to be a lion without any mane and it has a flat back. Sphinx is also interesting because of the Dream Stele that talks about Sphinx coming to King Thutmose saying he is dying because he is covered in sand. Remember Dorne and Queenmaker chapter with statues and cities under the sand - reminds me city of Iram from the Qur'an - and you know what else is a desert? Antarctica. The Land of Always Winter is essentially another desert but in North this time. Remember what Quaithe said. But do we have Lions in North? Aren't they supposed to be Wolves? Well maybe, if you are ready to consider Sphinx could be Anubis instead. According to German archaeologist named Ludwig Borchardt who only saw Sphinx's head before its body was revealed wrote that Sphinx was built in Middle Kingdom because of the eyes and headwear of the Pharaoh but the body dates back to Old Kingdom as we know so we can speculate it was recarved. Anubis is referred as jackal but there are no jackals in Egypt and Anubis is really a wild dog species that went extinct. Like Direwolves that weren't seen in two centuries before Jon and Robb found the mother and pups. Anubis even guarded to the Underworld so there is a connection to Golden Tree of Rowan. Also Sphinx was supposed to be on an island surrounded by water, think of a moat, Sphinx was even tied to a Resurrection cult - good God. 

So I may be ready to talk about Rhoynar after bunch of unrelated information dumped to this post, I want you guys to know this thread serves only to let me ramble because I can't sleep. But it's also an interesting thread right? 

Rhoynar has obvious connection to Onyx and their deities the Turtle and the Crab - and Mother Rhoyne are pretty interesting too. I can see her as representation of Sunless Sea maybe even the Drowned Sea Goddess of Ironborn and her son Old Man of the River made me think of House Estermount whose sigil is a Turtle, there may even be an Estermount bastard of Robert with the way Cersei talks about their visit. We know both Steffon the Tourmaline figure and Cassana were drowned with Patchface becoming a prophet of Drowned Goddess after the same event. Crab King is worth mentioning too because it is antagonist of our story, and I can only think of Lobstered Gauntlet of Walgrave and Tyrion dueling Alister Thorne with a Crab Fork? And like Moon God(dess) Sun God(dess) part I previously mentioned, I think it is possible Elenei's mother was the Sea Goddess or the twin sun that drowned related to Amethyst Empress and her father was Lord of the Skies - the Storm God, Rhlorr and Bloodstone Emperor with Cassana as Turtle and Steffon as Crab? [Was Myrcella our Elenei victim of Crab King Gerold Dayne?]

Because that's how Sisterton ,who has connection to crabs, talks about the myth and Prince of Pentos deflowers Maid of the Waters. And there is even a mysterious throne of Driftmark similar to Seastone Chair? War of Turtle and Crab deities of Rhoynar was about dominion over the waters of Planetos, and what is under the water as well that includes the Sunless Sea of CotF but Sunless isn't true because Egyptians believed there was a sun in underworld too. So that explains why Rhoynar chose the symbol of Sun which will be opposite to water connection they have and maybe Sun Goddess the Corpse Queen came under water to meet NK? Did Amethyst Empress eventually raise again? 





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Since I have talked about Twin Suns in first post I was curious if it possible for Amethyst and Bloodstone to have another sibling, that is similar to the Onyx figure that killed Amethyst and then blamed Bloodstone for the crime? Pools are open to decide which Gemstone is the culprit with the exception of Amber.

The reason I am thinking of Two Brothers and a Sister they shared is because of Florys the Fox the three houses that descends from her - I believe Florents are a maternal line with Peakes and Balls being paternal line from two husbands. And we know Peakes are nasty since they have a hand in Jaehaera's death, Amethyst figure that fall? They also show three castles in their sigil with one being Starkpike, the others are Whitegrove - a Weirwood - and Dunstonbury which was actually Manderly's castle. House Manderly is connected to Wolf's Den as we know and there could be connection between Wolf's Den and High Hermitage ↓


High Hermitage is an interesting name too, Hermitage means holy place, hideout, sanctuary, refuge, den (Wolf's Den built by Jon Stark) 

So maybe Bloodstone was exiled for a crime he didn't commit? House Ball may be interesting too, we don't know much about them except for the Fireball who sent his wife to Silent Sisters - Amethyst Empress is stripped of her power? - so he can be King's Guard. Interesting that would mean the real ruler wasn't Amethyst or Bloodstone but the third sibling. Fireball could be a nod to Samwell Dayne the Fire Star, who shares a similar name with two Tarly men. That's where House Tarly enters the picture with Herndon, Harlon and the Wood's Witch. Herndon and Harlon wouldn't age as long as they had intercourse with her when the moon was full, House Tarly's VS Sword is called Heaetsbane and they built their castle atop Hornhill - Herndon of the Horn and Samwell with Joramun's Horn? Interesting Tarly sigil shows Harlon the Hunter and not Herndon, a sibling rivalry due to Wood's Witch? 

What is our mysterious gemstone here? And could we match Lion of Night with a Gemstone? Obsidian maybe but that's my guess due to eyes of CotF and Ghost spotting them and the moon trying to talk to the Jon when he was having a wolf dream. 

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Castle Starpike - Starfall

Whitegrove - Weirwood

Dunstonbury - Hill + Stony + bury

• Stony Sept

• Breakstone Mill and House Flint

• Stone Mill and Red Fork of the Trident

• Stony Shore and Torrhen's Square 

• Jakal Lake of Anubis ≈ Deep Lake Castle? Long Lake? Are there any body of water that we can associate with wolves? 

↓ an interesting connection between Faith and Gemstones

Warrior's Sons are called Swords and Sparrows are Stars is a Dayne imaginary with HH being the Church of Starry Wisdom. Sparrows are also symbol of Venus who I think is tied to Amethyst Empress. Sparrows are symbol of hope and is tied to ancestral knowledge and symbol of fertility. Sparrows are also tied to rejuvenation of the soul like cranes.

We know Rose of the Blue Lake is tied to Cranes and Cult of Anubis is also tied to Resurrection. 

About birds of Venus, Goose and Swan are birds of Venus too and I mentioned in first thread how one of them was tied to Akana, glad I am don't have to choose. Swine is considered offensive which is understandable as Robert, a fertility God figure was slayed by a boar.

Venus' flowers are Red Roses and Anemones - Red Rose symbolises the blood of Venus when she cut her feet by a thorn while running to dying Adonis and Anemone symbolises blood of Adonis. Nennymoans from Patchfaces riddles could be anemones. 

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